Interspiro Spiromatic S6

Interspiro says its Spiromatic S6 is the sixth generation of a series of SCBA developed with a modular design to allow customers to upgrade and integrate new electronic components as they become available. Features include:
   • An integrated second-stage regulator in the S-Mask, giving the wearer better vision, better sealing due to weight distribution and better speech because the diaphragm is directly in front of the mouth.
   • A wireless heads-up display that provides hands-free indications of cylinder pressure and low air alarms.
   • A black box mounted on the backframe that handles most electronic functions, including supplying data signals to the HUD.
   • A PASS function that is contained in a separate chest-mounted module available in a number of configurations, including high-performance two-way telemetry. The PASS is automatically activated by air pressure in the SCBA, and a mounting bracket allows it to be easily removed for operations that do not require the SCBA.

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