Institution of Fire Engineers Receives Grant

Project brings together the nation’s fire safety organizations to develop strategies to reduce the loss of life and injury from fire
Alexandria, VA – July 6, 2011 – The Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch has been awarded a $949,000 grant by the Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention and Safety grant program to continue the work of the landmark Vision 20/20 project (  Vision 20/20 has played a central role since its inception in 2007 in bringing together the nation’s fire safety organizations to develop common strategies for reducing the loss of life and injury from fire.
There are five strategies that have been collaboratively developed, including:
  • Increase advocacy for fire prevention
  • Conduct a national safety education/social marketing campaign
  • Raise the importance of fire prevention within the fire service
  • Promote technology to enhance fire and life safety
  • Refine and improve the application of codes and standards that enhance public and fire fighter safety and preserve community assets
This grant will expand the Community Risk Reduction concepts in five communities, including Alexandria (VA), Cleveland (OH), Palm Beach County (FL), Rosemount (MN) and Washington (DC) to build on the recommendations from previous grass-roots efforts in various U.S. cities and in the United Kingdom.  In addition, as part of the Palm Beach County program, there will be a strong outreach to the part of the population which is deaf or hard-of-hearing which is at a significant risk from fire.
CRR is a process of identifying high risk areas and designing strategies that include home safety visits and smoke alarm installations.   It has been very successful in the communities where it has been implemented and serves as a model for other communities to adopt.  Through extensive data collected during previous home fire safety visits, detailed lessons-learned have emerged that will help other towns and cities put CRR into practice and save lives.  On average, fire departments respond to a fire every 23 seconds, someone is injured every 31 minutes and a person is killed every 3 hours, every day.  Fires cause an estimated $12.5 billion in property damage each year.
This grant will also build on the successful work done in previous grants developing fire prevention program benchmarking and the advocacy toolkit that is available at through a series of national webinars and seminars that will outline how to implement CRR.
“The focus of the next stage of work for Vision 20/20 is not only helping implement CRR in these five communities but spreading the message of the effectiveness of CRR and how it can work in your community,” said Jim Crawford, Vision 20/20 project manager.  “Clearly, by working together, we may be far more effective in reducing the tragic impact of fire.”
The Institution of Fire Engineers – USA is an organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging the improvement of the science and practice of fire engineering, prevention and suppression.  

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