KEY BENEFITS of Insta-Chain’s

  • Chain Unit with wheel attached (operating)Superior Traction Instantly when you demand it. Insta-Chain’s engage in approximately 1.5 seconds.
  • Reduce Risk! The ability to gain traction with the speed of Insta-Chain’s may reduce traffic incidences and associated costs where lack of traction in a key contributing factor.
  • Effective traction increase in both acceleration and deceleration. Forward or reverse.
  • Cost Effective! Compared to better quality conventional tire chains, Insta-Chain’s far outlast them because they are only operated as needed with a flip of a switch resulting in long service life.
  • Drivers often will not stop to put on conventional chains contributing to incident potential, lost time, late pickups-delivery, and towing charges. Avoid these with Insta-Chain.
  • Eliminate expensive body tear up due to broken cross ties. Insta-Chain’s rotate horizontally underneath the tire and cannot damage the vehicle bodywork.
  • D.O.T. accepted as “ATD’s” (Alternate Traction Devices) in all states with chain laws. Insta-Chain is used by most state D.O.T.’s for snow plow applications.
  • Insta-chain fits most vehicles from ½ ton through Class 8 Trucks.
  • Rural delivery problems? Insta-chain is used extensively on Oil, Gas, Propane


Chain Wheel6 Strand Chain Wheel

Supplied in either 6-1/2” or 7-1/2” diameters depending on application and may contain 6, 12, or 18 strands of hardened steel chain, or stainless anti-spark chain for hazardous applications.

Chain Wheel & Chain Features

  • Greaseable wheels: Extended bearing life by keeping contaminates out. Air expansion and contraction in the wheel hub may suck contaminates in with temperature and altitude changes. Regular greasing, just like with boat trailer wheels, has proven results keeping the bearing hub cavity filled which reduces air expansion/contraction minimizing the likelihood contaminates getting in.
  • 12 Strand Chain WheelSpecial Square Linked Hardened Pewag Chain provides maximum biting edge contact with the road while providing long service life.
  • Equal Traction in forward or reverse: Our unique chain does not have a twist, and therefore we do not have to have a left and right side wheel. Our square linked chain doesn’t care which direction you go. Twisted chains work more effectively in one direction requiring a left and right side wheel. When operated in reverse, less traction is provided because the chain will want to roll.
  • Individually replaceable chain strands: Mishaps, pinches against rocks and road grates can cause damage to individual chain strands. Insta-Chain’s square linked chain strands are replaceable individually rather than replacing the entire ring. The benefit is lower maintenance cost since parts are interchangeable between left and right sides.

Chain Unit

The Chain Unit is comprised of an Arm, Cylinder Bracket, Ball Joint, and Air Cylinder. Together, they are the largest component assembly and perform the major function of engaging and disengaging the chain wheel to the drive tires.

Key Chain Unit Features

  • Welded & Gusseted cylinder brackets provide strength and durability in the harshest applications.
  • Greaseable Arm Pivots provide longer life by keeping contaminates out while promoting smooth consistent operation.
  • Needle Bearings distribute force evenly extending service as opposed to ball bearings that absorb force on a small point of contact with the bearing journal. Sustains high shock loads better!

Mounting Brackets

Universal BracketMounting Brackets join the Chain Unit to the vehicle suspension. There are many variations in mounting brackets just as there are many suspension variations.

Insta-Chains’ Universal Mounting Bracket helps minimize the number of these while providing maximum adjustability. A mounting bracket may be as simple as a flat plate with holes, or may have multiple pieces.

The selection of the proper mounting bracket is based on the suspension, axle height, tires size and the need to provide adequate ground clearance while positioning the Chain Wheel at 3-1/2 inches above the ground +/- ½”, the ideal engagement spot.

Bracket Selection is typically done by Insta-Chain engineers based on the data you provide on the Vehicle Suspension Information (VSI) form.

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