INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Process Combustion Simulator

Process Combustion Ltd. (PCL) introduced its patent pending real smoke fire simulator. It creates real smoke and real fire and cleans the smoke so it can be safely exhausted into the environment.

PCL’s design generates real smoke from combustible flammable material. It creates a live flame with a gas-fired burner helping provide trainees with a real fire experience and trainers the ability to control the fire.

Another feature of PCL’s real smoke fire simulator is that it incorporates a thermal oxidizer to clean the smoke. The oxidizer helps eliminate visible smoke emissions and reduce environmental impact of the released air. Since PCL’s system recirculates smoke and heat, customers get the added benefit of energy savings.

In addition, PCL’s system can be designed to provide flashover effects, sound effects, stress heating, lighting effects and physical obstructions to better emulate an authentic fire emergency.

The PCL system consists of five components: two air lock chambers, a smoke generation compartment, a fire compartment, a smoke oxidizing system and a control room. One air lock chamber is used for entry into the fire compartment, the other is for exit. The smoke generation compartment introduces smoke and fire into the fire compartment. Trainees fight the fire in the fire compartment. The smoke is cleaned and exhausted outdoors by the oxidizing system.

The components of the PCL real smoke fire simulator can be controlled and viewed in the control room, which has a viewing window to observe the training session.

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