INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Parker Chelsea Improves Powershift PTO Electronic Overspeed Controls

Parker Chelsea's E.O.C.
Parker Chelsea’s E.O.C.

Parker Chelsea introduced its next generation of Electronic Overspeed Controls (E.O.C.) for its Powershift PTOs.

This state-of-the-art shift option is used to protect auxiliary power equipment such as hydraulic pumps, generators and product pumps. The E.O.C. insures that the driven equipment operates within the limits required for varying applications.

The new E.O.C. is smaller than the original version, simplifying installation within the truck’s cab. Wiring is plug-and-work, reducing installation time. No special tools, computers or equipment are required to set the high and low operating limits on the E.O.C.

This next generation of the E.O.C. uses solid state components in a tamper-resistant housing that has been tested to comply with all RFI and EFI emissions that may be found in trucks equipped with two-way radios.

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