INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Newmar Has New DC Power Stabilizers

12volt DC Power StabilizersNewmar announced a new line of 12volt DC Power Stabilizers that provide continuous and regulated output over the entire range of a battery’s useful life. The stabilizers’ regulated output protects sensitive vehicle electronics from the fluctuating input voltage swings that can diminish performance, cause data loss, damage circuitry or result in a shutdown, according to Newmar.

In addition to extracting good voltage from low batteries, the company said the stabilizers address other vehicle electrical issues such as boosting voltage to compensate for voltage loss in long wire runs from the batteries, protecting electronics from voltage dips during engine start-ups, and eliminating voltage overshoots due to sudden removal of a high current load. They also provide total input/output isolation, virtually eliminating conducted line noise.

The rugged and compact anodized aluminum case is designed to fit in limited-space applications.

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