INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Georgia Receives First Line Conversion Kits

First Line Technology has delivered 40 bus stretcher-conversion kits –called AmbuBus kits – to the Georgia Department of Human Resources as part of a million-dollar contract to enhance the state’s evacuation capacity.

The kits are designed to take the load off standard ambulances, converting buses into emergency mass transport ambulances. In the event of a disaster, the state could enlist school or other transit buses, build stretchers with the kits and more quickly evacuate hospitals and nursing homes.

After recent hurricanes, “states are realizing there are just not enough ambulances available for an effective evacuation,” said Amit Kapoor, First Line’s president. “The need for a package that converts a bus into a mass-casualty transport vehicle is critical in any emergency plan,” Kapoor said.

First Line Technology, founded in 2003, is a small business supplier for first responders and the military.

For information call 703-955-7510.

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