INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: FoxFury Upgrades Fire LED Helmet Light

FoxFuryFoxFury has upgraded one of its top-selling fire helmet lights in response to user feedback and advancements in LED technology.

The company said its Performance Fire Fighter Headlamp now offers multiple modes, as requested by structural and wildland firefighters. High intensities at 100 percent and low intensities at 40 percent allow firefighters to use more or less light as needed. Set on low, the light reduces incidences of firefighters accidentally blinding one another, according to the company. The low setting also prolongs battery life.

Advancements in LED technology enable the light to be brighter (62 torch lumen versus 51), providing more light for work. The device offers 20 white and 4 green LEDs, enhancing detail and depth perception. A “quick tilt” feature of 90 degrees allows users to better direct light where needed, reducing eye strain and neck fatigue, the company said.

Using four AA batteries, the Performance Fire has a run time of up to 20 hours of usable light.

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