INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: DQE Adds Identification Band To Light

DQE Prism Inflatable Light with an identification bandDQE Inc. has added increased functionality to the recently introduced DQE Prism Inflatable Light with an identification band.

The band fits snuggly around the light, providing double-sided illuminated signage. Each band is custom-made with buyer-specified lettering and letter colors, such as “COMMAND” or “TRIAGE,” to identify specific operation areas.

The DQE Prism Inflatable Light is an air-inflated cylinder that raises the light source 15 feet, providing complete scene illumination. The light is compact and lightweight, simplifying transport and making a single-person setup possible.

The DQE Prism Inflatable Light promises to illuminate completely in less than three minutes and light up to 12,000 square yards or approximately two football fields. The light is also available as a Mini Tower, inflating nine feet high for indoor or low overhang areas.

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