In Tough Times More Departments Ask E-ONE For Upgrades

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A Hillsborough County, Florida, E-ONE engine on a Cyclone chassis with a 1,000-gpm pump and a 750-gallon tank is refurbished at the E-ONE Factory Service Center. (E-ONE photo)
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This Oklahoma City E-ONE 135-foot aerial on a Hurricane chassis is one of six 19-year-old aerials the department is upgrading at the E-ONE Factory Service Center. The work includes cab and chassis replacement with E-ONE’s Quest.

As communities throughout the country experience budget constraints, E-ONE said fire departments are turning to its Factory Service Center in increasing numbers to upgrade their outdated fleets.

The company said many departments have complemented new apparatus purchases with used truck improvements to meet their department needs within constrained budgets.

With mild upgrades such as new lighting, graphics and safety packages, to major upgrades such as a down-to-the-frame overhaul available, E-ONE said its Factory Service Center can improve functionality, safety and update units to meet current National Fire Protection Association standards, adding years of service life to aging apparatus.

Among E-ONE’s upgrade customers are the Hillsborough County (Fla.) Fire Rescue, the Oklahoma City (Okla.) Fire Department and the Fort Bragg (N.C.) Fire Department.

Since October 2008, E-ONE said it has delivered one refurbished pumper a month to Hillsborough County with various mild upgrades to increase safety, meet updated NFPA standards and maintain the established service life of each unit. The company said it has five more pumpers, one heavy rescue and a HP 75 to be completed in the coming months for Hillsborough County. 
The costs of the refurbishments range from $60,000 to $85,000.

“E-ONE’s Factory Service Center allows departments to stretch their budgets while receiving a finished product that operates like new,” said Billy Miles, director of customer support.  “Also, with downtime a chief concern for most departments, another advantage of the Factory Service Center is its ability to refurbish a unit in significantly less time than that required to build new apparatus.”

Oklahoma City contracted the E-ONE Factory Service Center to restore six 19-year-old aerials, removing and updating the aerial devices, replacing the bodies and replacing the chassis with the new Quest chassis. The aerials look and perform like new, according to the company, at a cost savings of over $100,000 per truck, compared to a new purchase.

“Given the current state of the economy, this upgrade allowed us to let our rig budget go further,” said Oklahoma City Deputy Chief Cecal Clay. “We are extremely happy with the way the units turned out. They look brand new.”

Fort Bragg is another department that decided in favor of apparatus renovation. 
“For a number of years the Army has been limited by budget restraints and only able to make a few new fire apparatus purchases,” said Fire Chief Steve Blackburn. “Fort Bragg has been fortunate to have the option of refurbishing a Cyclone Pumper and a Titan ARFF Crash Rescue truck at a much lower cost than purchasing new. Both vehicles were returned in like-new condition, extending their life cycle by at least 10 years.”

Overhauls of the 1993 ARFF Titan 4×4 and the 2000 E-ONE custom pumper included engine and transmission replacement, pump refurbishment and repainting. 
“The reception by Fort Bragg went so well that it led to a pending order for a second ARFF unit as well as a pumper refurbishment order for neighboring departments,” said Alex Gombar, E-ONE’s manager of factory service and sales. 
E-ONE, based in Ocala, Fla., is a leading manufacturer of first responder vehicles. For information on the E-ONE Factory Service Center call 352-237-1122 or go to

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