IN THE NEWS: TST Releases Money-Saving Idle Guard 200

Transportation Safety Technologies (TST) has introduced the Idle Guard 200, a solid state, reliable timer that automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling in fleet and delivery vehicles.

The Idle Guard 200 can be used on gas or diesel engines and manual or automatic transmissions. It is activated by a positive or negative trigger signal from the park brake on a manual transmission or the park/neutral switch on an automatic transmission.

Three models offer engine shutoff after three, five or 15 minutes.

“Several states, counties and cities have implemented anti-idling regulations to address issues ranging from environmental concerns to economic costs that are associated with vehicle emissions, and fines could be levied against users in certain states,” said TST CEO Fred Merritt.

Idle Guard 200 is a low cost solution that is easy to install and can be retrofitted on almost any vehicle.

Since 1968, TST, a division of Riverside Manufacturing, has designed and manufactured of a wide array of electronic components for transportation and other industries. For information, go to

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