IN THE NEWS: FDIC Adds Urban Essentials To Its HOT Lineup

The Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) has an innovative addition to this year’s Hands-on-Training (HOT) program called Urban Essentials.


FDIC begins a month earlier than last year on March 21, the second day of spring, in Indianapolis.


Urban Essentials will be an intense and personally challenging course that will advance your knowledge of firefighting operations on the urban fireground. The eight-hour course will begin with a demonstration of recent research on wind-driven fire conditions and the devices developed to confront them.


Students will be introduced to several skill stations on operations specific to the urban firefighter, such as challenges related to forcing-entry to the rear or “C” side of commercial buildings. Students will learn to determine the common locking systems and methods to overcome them. Many different types of window security devices will be shown, as well as the intricacies involved in their removal.


Ventilation operations performed on both flat and peaked-roofs will round out the day as students learn the differences between them – and the cutting operations required for each.


The instructors for Urban Essentials are Milwaukee Fire Department Capt. Erich Roden and FDNY Lt. Ray McCormack.


FDIC offers the greatest collection of information in the fire service with 18 hands-on training evolutions, 74 workshops and 224 classes.


The Indianapolis Convention Center has completed a major expansion project that includes 400,000 square feet of additional space and provides direct access to Lucas Oil Stadium via an enclosed, air-conditioned corridor. More than half the new space will be devoted to exhibits, increasing the overall exhibitor total to more than 900 companies.


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