IN THE NEWS: Crimson Fire Aerials Relocates To Ephrata

Crimson Fire Aerials Inc., a subsidiary of Spartan Motors Inc., is relocating its manufacturing and service operations to Ephrata, Pa. The facility, designed and constructed to manufacture aerials, was formerly home to American LaFrance’s ladder production.

“Securing a long-term agreement for a building with tremendous infrastructure in the heart of aerial country ensures that we are poised to meet the needs of customers now and into the future,” said Jim Salmi, president of Crimson Fire Aerials. “Continuing to exceed our customers’ expectations was first and foremost in the decision to relocate.”

The new plant, which is just minutes away from Crimson Fire’s current facility in Lancaster, Pa., provides manufacturing space, as well as multiple bays for service and refurbishment work.

The site also has the outdoor capacity to test aerial devices and fire pumps. The company has installed a 40,000-gallon, in-ground water tank, slope test pad and tower to collect discharged water from units undergoing validation.

“As the height of buildings around the world continues upward, more departments need complex aerial equipment to keep their communities safe,” said John Sztykiel, president and CEO of Spartan Motors. “The investment in relocating this business to a purpose-built facility will enhance operational efficiencies and reduce production lead time.”

Relocation is scheduled for completion by the end of October.

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