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MSA SAFETY INCORPORATED announced that its jet-style fire helmet, the Cairns® XF1, has received third-party certification as compliant with NFPA 1971, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting (2018 ed.). It is also compliant with NFPA 1951, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Technical Rescue Incidents (2013 ed.). The Cairns XF1 incorporates a number of optional user features, including a protective visor; an integrated communication system; and LED lights that, because of their placement on either side of the helmet rather than at the top of the head, improve visibility without blinding others on scene. Like all other Cairns helmet models, the XF1’s soft goods are removable, washable, and replaceable—all without requiring tools.


TFT’s new H2knOw is a series of videos designed to teach the fundamentals of firefighting water flow. The series explores important topics and delivers fact-based results that are measurable and grounded in physics. The series uses a flow test device with a programmable logic controller. With this device, viewers can see information like flow pressures and nozzle reactions from the other parts of the system and how they react when circumstances change. The H2knOW series is about helping firefighters with information—facts that allow them to do more without increasing the risk. The first series is currently online with videos that cover “How a Nozzle Works.” New videos will be added monthly. For more information, go to


The Fulshear-Simonton (TX) Fire Department has taken delivery of the first of two newly purchased purpose-built high-water/flood rescue trucks from ACELA TRUCK COMPANY. Both trucks will be outfitted in the future to do year-round double duty as brush/wildland trucks and can be quickly and easily adapted for other departmental operational or logistical needs as required. With 47-inch tires, 23 inches of ground clearance, all-wheel-drive drivetrains, waterproof alternators and starters, and deep-water fording kits, the Acela Monterra-based specialized flood rescue trucks can navigate 50 inches of water while safely carrying up to 17 seated passengers with ample room and payload for pets, personal property, or rescue gear.

KME FIRE APPARATUS announced the delivery of 10 custom pumpers and seven 101-foot tractor-drawn aerials (TDAs) to the Orange County (CA) Fire Authority. The new trucks will join more than 100 KME apparatus currently in service at the Orange County Fire Authority.


The custom pumpers and TDAs are built on KME’s Severe Service™ cab.

The seven AerialCat™ TDAs feature the following:

  • KME Severe Service cabs.
  • 500-hp engines and Allison transmissions.
  • AerialCat 101-foot ladders with prepiped waterways and 300-gallon water tanks.
  • Equipment capacity of double the National Fire Protection Association requirement for an aerial ladder.

The 10 custom pumpers feature the following :

  • 176-inch wheelbases for tight turning radii.
  • 450-hp engines and Allison transmissions.
  • 1,500-gallon-per-minute (gpm) midship pumps and 250-gpm auxiliary pumps for pump-and-roll operations.
  • 500-gallon water tanks and 10 gallons of Class “A” foam that feed the onboard direct injection foam systems.

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