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PIERCE MANUFACTURING has delivered a Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC) pumper and a Pierce aerial platform to the Springfield (MA) Fire Department. The PUC pumper is equipped with a 470-hp engine; 70-inch-long cab; seating for four firefighters; stainless steel body; roll-up doors; TAK-4® independent front suspension; Command Zone™ advanced electronics; 1,500-gallon-per-minute (gpm) single-stage PUC pump; 750-gallon water tank; Husky™ 12 foam system; 20-gallon foam tank; hosebed capacity of 250 feet of 2½-inch hose with preconnect, 1,000 feet of five-inch hose, and 300 feet of three-inch hose; a dual module vehicle data recorder; and ladder storage inside the body. The Pierce 100-foot Aerial Platform features TAK-4 independent front suspension, a 515-hp engine, stainless steel body, frontal impact and side roll protection systems, seating for four firefighters, Command Zone advanced electronics system, 10-kW generator, 400-amp alternator, a full complement of ground ladders, slide-out adjustable trays, swing-out toolboard, and storage for air bottles in the fenders. The aerial device features Lyfe brackets for rescue equipment, twin monitors at the platform, breathing air to the tip, and white LED lighting along all three aerial sections.

SMEAL FIRE APPARATUS has introduced the 1000/1000 aerial apparatus that can hold a live load of 1,000 pounds on its platform while pumping 1,000 gpm. The unit features an 85-foot, mid-mounted, five-section aerial ladder that offers an 85-foot vertical reach, 81-foot reach at zero degrees, and a -12- to +72-degree operational range. With an overall length of about 45 feet and travel height options of 10 feet two inches and 11 feet six inches, this platform is designed to maneuver in high-population areas.

STREAMLIGHT®, INC., a provider of flashlights, announced that the company and several of its United States distribution partners recycled more than 3,200 pounds of rechargeable batteries during the third quarter. Year to date, the company has recycled approximately 12,500 pounds of rechargeable flashlight batteries. “Going green is imperative in today’s business climate, and we are proud to do our part,” says Ray Sharrah, Streamlight president and CEO. “Streamlight and its participating dealers that are serving as battery collection sites are joining thousands of businesses nationwide that understand how battery recycling contributes to a healthy and safe environment for our communities.” Rechargeable batteries are a long-lasting, ecofriendly power source for many electronic devices, including flashlights, laptop computers, cell phones, portable scanners and printers, power tools, and PDAs. By recycling customers’ rechargeable batteries, Streamlight and its participating dealers will prevent the used products from entering the solid waste stream.

E-ONE has announced that the Oklahoma City (OK) Fire Department (OCFD) placed an order for three custom tankers and two CR100 aerial ladders, making OCFD one of the largest E-ONE fleets in the country and the largest active E-ONE aerial fleet with 18 aerials in service. “Due to our recent wildfires, the three tankers we ordered each have 3,000-gallon water capacity, which is an increase from our previous 2,500-gallon tanker design,” says Marc Woodard, deputy chief. “Having an extra 500 gallons is vital to our operation when 60 to 70 percent of our response area does not have a municipal water distribution system.” The two aerials will be going to stations responding to two new apartment complexes. “We needed the heavier tip load offered on E-ONE’s CR100,” Woodard says. “We also prefer the lighter weight aluminum construction since a lot of our rescue ladders run on nonfire calls. The lighter aerial has proven to be more durable over the course of the truck’s life cycle.”

MEDTEC AMBULANCE CORPORATIONMEDTEC AMBULANCE CORPORATION announced that South Coast Fire Equipment Inc. has been named its dealer for portions of southern California, including the state’s ten southernmost counties. Headquartered in Ontario, California, South Coast Fire Equipment will provide sales and service for Medtec’s entire line of type I, II, and III ambulances, including the new RediMedic™ by Medtec line of ambulances. “We are thrilled to represent Medtec Ambulance to emergency medical service providers throughout southern California,” says Kevin Newell, president of South Coast Fire Equipment. “The addition of the Medtec brand is a great opportunity for our company to expand our services. We have an excellent organization and team of professionals ready to provide expert service and after-the-sale support, which are the hallmarks of our organization.”

TRUE NORTH GEAR, a manufacturer of fire equipment, has announced that the next True North Firefighter Scholarship has been awarded to the Addison (MI) Fire Department. With recent grant monies, the Addison (MI) Fire Department purchased necessary training equipment with a slim budget. To increase the success of the training program, the department has requested instructor development training to train all units and offer the opportunity to outside agents. The True North Scholarship will provide $3,000 for training to teach tactics and strategies for “Becoming a Better Drill Ground Instructor.” For more information and to apply for the True North Firefighter Training Scholarship, visit

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