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E-ONE, INC., a member of the REV Group, recently completed a chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear (CBRN) incident vehicle for delivery to China. The CBRN vehicle is designed for quick-response teams in contamination incidents that involve chemical, biological, radioactive, or nuclear substances. The vehicle is a 17-foot combo rescue built on a four-door European chassis.

It is designed with a safe cabin to accommodate three people. The safe breathing room includes a positive-pressure air filtration system that prevents contaminated air from getting into the cabin to safeguard occupants. The CBRN incident vehicle is equipped with multiple compartments to carry the necessary tools and equipment for detection and decontamination.

MSA SAFETY INCORPORATED has announced that its G1 integrated thermal imaging camera (TIC), which gives fire departments the opportunity to cost effectively equip every firefighter with thermal imaging technology, has received third-party certification as being compliant with NFPA 1981, Standard on Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services (2013 ed.). With this approval, MSA can begin shipping its integrated TIC immediately.

MSA’s integrated TIC is built into the firefighter’s SCBA. Incorporating TIC technology directly into the SCBA provides multiple advantages, such as an auto-on feature that activates the camera once the SCBA is pressurized. Additionally, the TIC is driven by the G1 SCBA’s single integrated power source, which eliminates the need for additional batteries. This accessory is compatible with any G1 SCBA, including the more than 60,000 units in use at fire departments around the world.

SAFETY COMPONENTS recently named Ana-Maria Petrea merchandise planning manager. Petrea will manage planning for the company’s rapidly growing product lines, such as WeatherMAX performance outdoor fabric and Armor AP, Glide Ice, and PBI Max structural firefighting materials.

She has extensive experience as a demand forecast analyst and is skilled in inventory level control, production planning, customer service, and inside direct sales.

Valor seating systems, military-grade first responder seating systems, has announced that its products and seat configurations are now available on Spartan Emergency Response vehicles.

USSC GROUP recently named Kent Tyler vice president. Tyler will help lead sales and marketing, oversee business development, and direct the execution of the company’s strategic growth plan throughout North America.

Tyler will focus his initial efforts on the Fogmaker fire suppression system; report directly to Joe Mirabile, president of USSC Group; and serve on the executive leadership team for the company.

USSC VALOR announced that Tim Johnson has joined the company as western regional sales manager with responsibility for Valor First Responder Seating.

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