IMMI Launches Per4Max for EMTs

WESTFIELD, IN—IMMI, a global leader in the innovation, testing, and manufacturing of advanced safety systems has launched Per4Max™, a game-changing 4-point restraint for ambulances. 

Visitors at FDIC in Indianapolis got to experience IMMI’s new safety system first hand during the Per4Max challenge.   Initially unveiled at a rollover crash demonstration for REV Group and Horton Ambulances at CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, Per4Max was also featured on ABC’s Good Morning America who captured the event for their viewers.  

An estimated 4,500 ambulances are involved in accidents every year, but 84% of emergency medical technicians do not wear their seat belts because they restrict movement while treating a patient. * IMMI’s Per4Max allows them to reach, stretch, and even stand up in their restraint if necessary. Patient safety is also improved when EMTs buckle up. They remain restrained in an accident and not thrown around the interior of the vehicle, possibly injuring the patient further.

Per4Max also includes exclusive controlled deceleration technology to help EMTs ride down crash forces, applying less strain on their bodies.  Rev Group is making Per4Max standard on all their new ambulances.

“IMMI engineers solutions that lead to advancements in safety,” said Larry Gray, IMMI CEO.  “When we see a need to improve safety, like in the ambulance industry, we drive innovation and make it happen.”

Lance Randolph, Horton Ambulance General Manager added, “At Horton, we lead the industry with our quality, safety, customization, and innovation. IMMI helps us achieve those objectives because of our shared commitment to advance first responder safety.”  

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