Idaho Fundraiser to Restore Fire Apparatus to Raise Awareness to ‘Choking Game’

A fundraiser was held to raise money for the restoration of a fire truck was donated by the Dietrich Fire Department (ID).

Joel Smith, organizer of the event, hopes that the restoration of the fire truck will help raise awareness to the “choking game,” which gained attention after several videos popped up on the internet back in 2011 and 2012.

“It’s basically where they cut the air supply off to their brain and they do it to get a high sensation. Not a euphoric high or anything like that. It’s mostly just curiosity. They see it on YouTube, they see other kids doing it. The problem we’re running into now is a lot of kids are doing it by themselves,” said Smith.

They plan on spreading the word about the dangers of the choking game at parades, community events, fairs and schools.

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