Husky Portable Containment Folding Tank Liner

Husky Portable Containment has designed a new folding frame tank liner called the “PRO500™,” patent pending. The PRO500™ is designed with mega capacity in mind. It has specially designed “bladders” welded to the side walls of the liner that, when deployed, will add approximately 500 gallons of much needed capacity to the original size of your tank. The four bladders, two on each folding side, can be deployed independently.

Besides the capacity gain, the big advantage of the PRO500™ liner is it will fit into your existing frame, guaranteed, which means you can save money while adding storage capacity. Just purchase the liner, install it in your frame and have the extra capacity you need. The PRO500™ liner can be customized by adding bladders or making the existing bladders bigger. 

All Husky folding frame tanks come standard with the company’s patented “Easy Lift Handles” (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and other patents pending).

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