Hurst Jaws of Life Gives SC Combination Tools 10 Percent More Power

The new Hurst Jaws of Life 10,000 psi SC Combination Tools (SC-357 and SC-557) received an internal component redesign that delivers approximately 10 percent more spreading and pulling force than the previous versions (SC-350 and SC-550), while keeping the
tools’ industry-leading ergonomics and other Hurst Jaws of Life Gives SC Combination Tools 10 Percent More Powertechnical specifications intact.

“The engineers at Hurst Jaws of Life are constantly researching and working to make our tools easier to use and more powerful for rescuers,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for Hurst Jaws of Life. “The increase in spreading force and pulling force in the SC Combination tool series will help rescuers do their job safer and faster.”

Hurst Jaws of Life Gives SC Combination Tools 10 Percent More PowerThe Hurst Jaws of Life SC-357 and SC-557 Combination Tools both perform spreading and cutting functions. The cutting force and blade opening of these tools are similar to modern cutters and the spreading force is similar to a light-weight spreader. 

The tools are uniquely suited for first responders, building rescues, disaster management and traffic accidents where a combination of spreading and cutting is needed. 

The tools also feature quick opening and closing times and optimum handling which is achieved through a precisely-balanced design.

SC-357 Technical Specifications

•         Cutting classification A7/B7/C7/D7/E7

SC-557 Technical Specifications

•         Cutting classification A8/B9/C8/D9/E9

•         Spreading distance: 14.4 inches

•         Spreading force: 9,442 lbs.

•         Pulling distance: 14.9 inches

•         Pulling force: 12,814 lbs.

•         Length: 30.6 inches

•         Height: 6.7 inches

•         Width: 8.7 inches

•         Weight: 32.7 lbs.

•         Spreading distance: 16.9 inches

•         Spreading force: 10,566 lbs.

•         Pulling distance: 12.4 inches

•         Pulling force: 15,062 lbs.

•         Length: 33.1 inches

•         Height: 7.5 inches

•         Width: 11.6 inches

•         Weight: 43.7 lbs.

Hurst Jaws of Life is a division of Hale Products Inc. Hale Products Inc. is a world leading provider of emergency service products in applications such as defense, rescue, firefighting and industry, and is one of the largest manufacturers of products to the emergency services worldwide. Hale Products Inc. is a unit of IDEX Corporation, an applied solutions company. For more information about Hurst Jaws of Life, please visit View the Hurst-sponsored Extrication Zone, which contains numerous articles on vehicle extrication and rescue, at

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