Huntington (WV) Seeks Grants for Fire Apparatus and Equipment

The Huntington City Council will vote on approving numerous grant applications that seek to make serious upgrades to the Huntington Fire Department when the council meets in regular session.

The city is seeking to purchase a new fire engine/pumper to replace a 1991 model that has 123,860 miles on it and is nearing the end of its life cycle, according to the grant submission to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) from the city.

The cost of the engine is $390,000. Under the grant, the city would be responsible for $35,434 of the total.

The city is also applying for a grant for new fire department radios and self-contained breathing apparatus. The radios cost $319,594, and the city would be required to pay $29,054, while the breathing units would cost $311,000, requiring $31,100 from the city.

The council also will vote on purchase of new turnout gear, or the protective gear worn for fighting fires, for the Huntington Fire Department.

The new gear will cost $236,760 and would be purchased on a five-year lease plan from Dills Fire Safety. The Ravenswood, W.Va., company was the low bidder for the gear.

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