Howard County Volunteer Fire Department (TX) Receives New Fire Apparatus

After government cut backs for volunteer fire departments across the nation took effect, the department in Howard County reached out for help.

“Small grass fires, large grass fires, house fires, refinery fires,” said Howard County Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tommy Sullivan. “We have 10 stations and we cover 901 square miles.”

Pushing the need for fire trucks to the top of the ladder.

“We have to have a gammet of equipment because one truck is not a fit-all for every fire that we have,” said Sullivan.

Oil companies and locals came to the rescue.

“Without these entities helping us we wouldn’t be able to upgrade our equipment and be able to provide the fire protection that our communities deserve,” said Sullivan.

The department ordered a brand new pumper tanker filled with three thousand gallons of water. 

“The new one will be utilized in the Sand Springs area to respond on the Interstate and to the refinery if the need ever arises,” said Sullivan.

No longer limiting their ability to fight fires in tough terrain. 

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