Houston (TX) Fire Department Orders Six Ferrara Igniter Pumpers

Holden, LA – The City of Houston, Texas, has awarded a contract to Ferrara Fire Apparatus for six custom rescue pumpers on Ferrara Igniter chassis. The department currently operates 70 Ferrara fire and rescue apparatus.
“We are thrilled, obviously, to receive another large contract from Houston,” remarked company President/CEO Chris Ferrara. “While the base of our business will always be suburban and rural fire departments, much of the image and perception of our company is based on our ability to maintain long-term relationships with major metropolitan fire departments. Houston Fire Department has been a high-profile Ferrara customer for over seven years.”

Although the cab and body design is practically a standard for Houston, the trucks represent Ferrara’s custom manufacturing. Both the cab and body have extruded aluminum framework and all 3/16-inch thick aluminum plate inner and outer panels. They can certainly handle fire suppression with Hale QMAX 2,000-gpm midship pumps. But, these are equally as well equipped to handle rescue calls. Dedicated backboard storage, oxygen bottles in the rear cab extension, along with large and deep compartments are designed to carry all the necessary tools of the trade.

In addition to the 3/16” thick cab and body, the trucks also have air bag protection, on-site tilt table testing, hand wheel valve actuators, MIV valves in both steamer inlets, electronic pressure governor, LED scene and under vehicle lighting. and more.

For more information, visit www.ferrarafire.com.

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