Horry County (SD) Officials Inspect Fire Apparatus

Horry County Fire Rescue rolled out three of newest fire apparatuses. The trucks were just in from Pennsylvania, but include one tanker truck, an aerial truck, and a pumper. 

According to Interim Chief Scott Thompson, the trucks on display Monday, will head to Sumter to finish being equipped with mounting and other service preparation work, before they will be put to use. Thompson said three other news trucks are already there. 

The county approved an $8 million dollar budget to purchase the apparatuses. Thompson said in all 13 new fire trucks, ten pumper trucks, a 3,300 gallon tanker, and two aerial ladder trucks, that can extend to a height of 109 feet in the air, will be in used in the county. The trucks are considered safer and more efficient, with a sleek style that come in a deep red color, black trim, and silver.  Thompson said, “They will definitely stand out when you see them on the road.”

Thompson said the new fleet will come at a time when the current trucks need to be replaced. “We do have units that are 25 and 26 years old, so this purchase will give us the chance to retire those units. We can provide a good service and then the aerial trucks that we currently have are 15 years old so they are ending their lifespan as well, ” explained Thompson.

Thompson said this is all about better serving the citizens of Horry County. All thirteen new units should be in full service by October 1.

In addition, to a new fire truck units, HCFR purchased a new ambulance. The county also approved equipping all of the ambulance with new power lift stretchers. The battery operated power stretchers will help paramedics more easily move patients.
Thompson said the new stretchers and ambulance cost the county about $450,000.

For more information, view www.wmbfnews.com


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