Honolulu Fire Department Adds Six Fire Apparatus to Fleet

At 101 feet tall, the Honolulu Fire Department’s new fire truck is the tallest fire truck on Honolulu. It will be housed at the Kuakiki Fire Department as part of a major upgrade to the HFD fleet.

The KME Predator Severe Service pumper apparatus are worth more than $600,000 each. HFD ordered the new trucks with certain specifications based on Hawaii’s needs.

“The amount of knowledge that they displayed in the trucks that they wanted to be configured was just exceptional,” said John Kovatch III, KME President & CEO.

The new $1 million heavy duty aerial apparatus will allow firefighters to assist more people during rail emergencies.

“When the rail becomes a reality, we’ll be ready to service the public. This particular heavy-duty ladder can evacuate more people than the one we had in the past,” said Manuel Neves, a Honolulu Fire Department Chief.

The Honolulu Fire Department tries to upgrade their equipment as often as they can, but sometimes the money just isn’t there.

“A lot of times there’s some fiscal restraints that doesn’t allow us to buy trucks all the time. So, to have six trucks purchased in one year, we’re very happy to have that happen,” said Neves.

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