HME Spectr™ 80-Foot Aerial Fire Apparatus

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HME Spectr™ 80-Foot Aerial Fire Apparatus


WYOMING, MI—This 80-foot aerial fire apparatus is mounted on an exclusive HME Spectr™ custom chassis, is powered by a Cummins ISL9 450-hp diesel engine, and is equipped with a hot dipped galvanized three-section ladder.

This apparatus allows for more space for both the crew and their interface gear. This includes an 11-inch forward extension roof, leaving more room for evaporator space, gear, and equipment atop the doghouse and more headroom for the crew; an all-new three-fan condenser; and an overhead air-conditioning unit for maximized visibility and space.

The galvanized three-section rear-mount ladder is attached to a tilt cradle and is mounted on a turntable allowing for 360-degree continuous rotation of the aerial device. The 80-foot ladder can support two firefighters at the fly tip while 1,250-gpm of water is flowing through the nozzle. The hot-dipped galvanize method also allows for years of corrosion resistance and minimal wear and tear.

Soft-touch envelope controls allow for easy movement of aerial functions and optimize operator efficiency under any conditions for safer and more responsive operation.

The chassis frame is supported by HME hot-dipped galvanized double frame rails to reduce the effect of harsh road chemicals and maximize stability, along with galvanized outriggers and a stainless steel pump control panel with exclusive HME Hydra Technology™ and 2,250-gpm performance.

The 80-foot aerial also has plenty of options for storage solutions, including thru-torquebox ladder storage, triple crosslay hosebeds, adjustable pullout trays with heavy-duty grant slides and gas shocks, aluminum toolboards with vertical dividers, tray pullout-and-down drawer slide mechanism, center hose well, and Gortite roll-up doors.

Other amenities include single rear axle, SmartDock Gen II SCBA bottle brackets, double wall pump panel, 400-gallon poly water tank, side stack hosebed with an aluminum cover, Intercom system near the turntable and platform, and a Harrison 6-kW hydraulic generator.

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