HME SilverFox® Custom Pumper

Although HME offers a wide range of fire apparatus to fill practically any need a department might have, the HME SilverFox® may best represent the philosophy of the company and the drive to offer the fire industry the most affordable fire apparatus available without sacrificing performance, durability, or quality.

The HME SilverFox is a custom pumper HME engineers have designed to maximize firefighting capability at an affordable price without compromising quality, technology, firefighting capability, or the long-term durability of the truck. In fact, today the HME SilverFox’s economical pricing offers departments with an opportunity to buy two of these custom pumpers for the price of a single custom pumper with comparable specifications and capabilities. Although the price of the HME SilverFox offers an advantage for today’s tight budgets, it’s the form, functionality, and performance characteristics of the HME SilverFox that have made it one of the most popular custom pumpers in America today.

The HME SilverFox

(1) The HME SilverFox® is easy to recognize by its 12-inch raised
roof, stainless-steel fenders, three-dimensional grille, natural finish
roll-up doors, and Alcoa aluminum wheels. (Photos courtesy of HME.)


Turn Radius Performance

The HME SilverFox is the direct beneficiary of HME’s long experience and expertise in the development and manufacture of fire apparatus chassis. It features the same HME Ahrens-Fox® SFO Chassis you’ll find on many the company’s premium fire apparatus. The HME Short Front Overhang (SFO) Chassis provides a 52-degree cramp angle with tires mounted and a 24-foot turning radius. This maneuverability allows the HME SilverFox almost unlimited access in a wide range of suburban, urban, and rural firefighting environments. The robust design and engineering of the steering mechanism, plus an advanced stability control system, also provide added dependability and safety for the crew and the public when the HME SilverFox is responding or returning from a call.

Dependable Drive Train and Transmission Specifications

The tight-turn capability and responsive handling of the HME SilverFox is matched in performance with a Cummins ISC-330 engine and Allison EV-300 five-speed transmission with pushbutton selector. It has all the power and control required to respond quickly and effectively to any call.

Equipment Storage and Hosebed Capacities

The HME SilverFox’s signature high rescue-style compartments, with natural-finish roll-up doors, provide easy and efficient access to 156 cubic feet of storage space for equipment and gear. A large rear compartment offers additional storage capacity for a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)-compliant ladder package, pike poles, and suction hose or stokes basket. The HME SilverFox can also be customized with additional tool boards, trays, gear, and equipment to meet the needs and specifications of any fire department.

This fire apparatus also offers ample hosebed and discharges with a 65-cubic-foot hosebed, adjustable hosebed dividers, two 1¾-inch crosslay hosebeds, two 2½-inch discharges on the left, one 2½- and one three-inch large-diameter hose (LDH) discharge on the right side, and one 2½-inch right-rear discharge plus a three-inch deck gun discharge, as well as a direct rear tank fill for rural applications.

Crew Accommodations

In its standard configuration, the HME SilverFox accommodates a crew of four with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) officer’s seat and two rear-facing 911 SCBA crew seats with Ziamatic SCBA brackets. Two forward-facing crew seats, with flip bottoms, SCBA brackets, and under-seat storage drawers, can also be added to accommodate a crew of six.

Stainless Steel for Long Service Life

The HME SilverFox features a stainless steel body. HME is the world’s largest single-source producer of custom, stainless steel fire apparatus and uses high-grade corrosion-resistant 80,000-pound-per-square-inch (psi) tensile strength stainless steel as the primary material in the construction of its fire apparatus bodies. Stainless steel can survive the tough and harsh environments fire apparatus face on an almost daily basis. Stainless steel also resists corrosion caused by today’s highly corrosive road treatment chemicals, salts, foams, and long and repeated exposure to water. Almost three times as strong as aluminum, stainless steel requires less mass and lower weight to exceed the capability and strength of extruded aluminum.

HME’s patented body mounting system ensures that the HME SilverFox body will resist cracking from pressure and stress from chassis twisting or vibration. The stainless steel body of the HME SilverFox is easy to clean and delivers long and trouble-free maintenance.

Bolted/Modular Construction

HME SilverFox’s stainless steel body panels feature modular, bolted construction using aircraft technology with stainless steel bolts and lock-nuts for precision construction to make repair of damaged components fast and highly economical. Unlike aluminum bodies, only panels and sections that are damaged need to be replaced-not the entire body. Body part and panel designs are stored on HME computers to make reproduction of any damaged panel or component fast and easy. Replacement panels can be shipped to local repair facilities to put a damaged HME SilverFox back in service as fast as possible.

The HME SilverFox

(2) The HME SilverFox is suited to a wide range of applications, from
urban and suburban to rural environments.


Hydra Technology™

The HME SilverFox features HME’s exclusive Hydra Technology, an exclusive pump module design that provides maximum water flow and optimal versatility. Its stainless steel piping, valves, panels, and framework provide years of durable, trouble-free service and easy maintenance. Controls are configured to offer efficiency and ergonomics, as well as smooth and trouble-free linkages for valve operation. The HME SilverFox features a 1,250-gallon-per-minute (gpm) pump with a 1,000-gallon thermoplastic tank. Pump controls can be configured on the side or in a top-mount position and feature stainless steel pump compartments and stainless steel pump panels and plumbing. Anodes are employed to combat pump corrosion. The HME SilverFox’s firefighting capability can also be augmented with the deck guns, additional discharges, foam systems, and foam tanks.

Light Packages, Sirens, Accessories, and More

The HME SilverFox comes standard with an NFPA-compliant LED emergency lighting package, a Federal PA-300 siren with recessed speakers, heavy-duty front and rear heaters and 45,000-Btu air conditioning systems, ladder packages, NFPA slip-resistant step surfaces, and more. Easily customizable, the HME SilverFox can be configured to meet precise needs and requirements.

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