Historic Fire Apparatus has New Home in Menno (SD)

After purchasing a used fire truck from Wallkill (NY), the Menno Volunteer Fire Department (SD) learned that the truck was one of the emergency vehicles used on 9/11.

“Six or seven of their guys basically took one of the trucks and they went down to Ground Zero. No permission, because out there when the truck leaves, their commissioners have to give them permission but they just took off and went which I guess if we had been in the same situation we probably would do the same thing,” Chief Scott Simonsen said.

The wounds of that day are still very fresh in the minds of all emergency responders. Given the truck’s history, Simonsen wanted to make sure it was not easily forgotten.

“And this was the end result.”

A Firefighter rushing fearlessly into the flames adorn each side of the hood. On top, a written tribute to the heroes who gave their lives saving others on that fateful September day.

“Every firefighter, it hits home for everybody, EMS, firefighters pretty mush everyone in the nation and hits home when you think of 9/11 it hits you hard. You don’t ever want to see firefighters die but to see them die in something like that it hits home” said Simonsen.

With the department’s annual budget of around $10,000, the Menno community spent two years fundraising to purchase this truck.

For more information, view www.ksfy.com

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