Hilti Delivers Power With Drill/Drivers

Hilti lays claim to having the two most powerful 18-volt cordless hammer drills/drivers in their class.

Hilti’s SFH 181-A CPC hammer drill/driver and the SF 181-A CPC drill/driver, powered by the company’s exclusive cordless power care (CPC) lithium-ion technology, are professionalquality tools suitable for drilling holes in masonry, stone, wood and metal, as well as driving screws and lag bolts.

Both drill and driver deliver a reported 690 pounds of torque and feature allmetal gearing and impact resistant, glassfiber reinforced housing. Hilti lists its three-speed SFH 181-A at 2,000 rpm and its two-speed SF 181-A at 1,455 rpm.

The CPC lithium-ion batteries deliver more work percentage and up to 100 percent more capacity than NiCd/NiMh batteries of the same weight, according to Hilti. The extra capacity enables operators to use a lighter battery without sacrificing power, resulting in improved operator comfort. Batteries are ready to use quickly, with a very fast initial charge to 75 percent.

Lithium-ion batteries do not lose their charge, so stored tools are always ready for use. Each battery is equipped with an LED light that indicates the amount of battery life remaining. The battery cells are electronically monitored to protect against overheating, overloading and deep discharge.

The tools, batteries and chargers are covered by Hilti’s Lifetime Service, an agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage. With Hilti Tool Fleet Management, the tools and batteries are covered for three years, including wear and tear.

For more information, go to www.us.hilti.com or from Canada, www.ca.hilti.com.

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