Hillsborough (NJ) Fire District Seeks $1 Million from Voters

Voters will be able to approve or deny each of five individual equipment requests by the board of fire commissioners from 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday in the municipal building at 379 South Branch Road.

State law requires fire protection to be paid through separate fees other than the township funds, so fire districts have their own elected officials and set their own tax rate.

“The fire board is its own separate and distinct entity,” Mayor Doug Tomson said. “They raise their own taxes for their equipment. It does not come out of the (township) budget.”

Thursday’s vote is to approve the funds to be placed on the 2015 board budget, according to posts on the Hillsborough Bureau of Fire Safety’s Facebook page. The Hillsborough Bureau of Fire Safety operates under and is funded through the Hillsborough Fire District and its Board of Commissioners, the Bureau said.

The board released a statement explaining the vote, which was published on the mayor’s personal Facebook page.

The commissioners’ statement explained the various equipment requests and the costs related to each. The statement said that voting yes on all five questions would raise the fire tax on a home valued at $250,000 by a one-time $50 increase over a typical bill of about $82 a year for that home. The current tax rate for the fire tax is $0.033 for each $100 of assessed home value, the statement said.

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