Hickory (NC) City Council Considers Ratifying Release Form on Defaulted Fire Apparatus

Hickory City Council is considering ratifying a release form so the city can be paid a $729,864 claim on a defaulted contract with American LaFrance for a new aerial truck. According to the agenda, staff executed the release and returned it to the bond company, Westchester Fire Insurance Company.

The city had a $720,000 contract with American LaFrance for a new ladder truck. The truck was slated to be delivered in March, but the company closed its warehouse, production facility and service center in January. A performance bond was in place, as was required for contracts of this scope, according to assistant city manager Warren Wood.

The council will also consider approving the purchase of property next to Fire Station 6. The property at 3042 N. Center St. would aid in the planned expansion of the station for another fire company. An offer of $45,000 was made.

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