Hazmat Chemical Protective Suit

PITTSBURGH, PA – Dräger is introducing a new chemical protective suit in the United States that provides protection against industrial chemicals, biological agents and other toxic substances. Designed for use in explosive areas and hazmat situations, the gas-tight Dräger CPS 7900 suit offers one of the highest puncture and flame resistance capabilities in the industry.

The protection provided by the new CPS 7900 results from the use of a new material called D-mex™, which is constructed with five layers of protective fabric. The middle layer is made of a tear-proof inner material, surrounded by sturdy elastomer layers. A barrier layer used both inside and outside the suit is resistant to chemicals and retains its protective capacity even if the outside is damaged.  

The flame retardant, self-extinguishing material protects the user from burns and electrostatic properties and makes it possible to use the CPS 7900 in explosive areas. The flexibility of the D-mex fabric enables personnel to handle liquefied gases, such as ammonia, at a temperature of -176°F/-80°C. The reusable protection suit has an estimated shelf life of fifteen years, providing an extremely low overall cost of ownership.

Ergonomic design provides superior comfort and fit, thereby improving safety and reducing the stress of working in dangerous situations. The lighter weight and better drape of the suit material adjusts to the wearer’s movements and offers a full range of flexibility. Available in five sizes, the suit fits wearers ranging in size from four feet, 11 inches to six feet, 11 inches.

Functional details improve user safety and comfort. A newly designed anti-fog visor offers an almost natural field of vision. Two different glove combinations can be quickly fastened to the suit without the use of tools. Exchangeable boot connections and improved safety boots help provide secure footing.

The Dräger CPS 7900 offers optional accessories such as D-connect, which is used to fasten measuring instruments, tools and flashlights directly to the suit. These fixed anchoring points can also be used as grips to pull a team member to safety. If the air supply of the compressed breathing apparatus is not sufficient for the entire operation, the Air-Connect feature allows the user to connect to an external air source.

The CPS 7900 can be easily cleaned and disinfected, extending its shelf life and reducing expenses.

For more information, visit www.draeger.com.

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