Havis Launches Interactive Lighting Website

WARMINSTER, Pa. – June 15, 2011Havis Inc. launched a new website and series of videos at the recent Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) to address several misperceptions about wattage and lumen rating for scene lights. 
The website, www.EmergencySceneLighting.com, features results from independent lab tests and allows visitors to compare unaltered photos of the Havis MagnaFire® next to competitive fixtures. 

Visitors can also compare up to three different competitive beam patterns against the MagnaFire using 3-D animations.

“Customers often tell us they believe that ‘more wattage’ and ‘higher lumen rating’ create more useable light.  In order to test this assumption, Havis hired an independent lab, which found that the 900W MagnaFire created more useable light than the competitor’s 1500W fixture,” says Nic Milani, Vice President of Marketing for Havis. 

The website provides four informative videos that explain the science and demonstrate how fixture design and sub-components greatly impact the amount of useable light exiting the fixture.  The videos also highlight how Havis lighting systems maximize productivity in the field through enhanced comfort, safety and quality.
“At Pierce, they will install just about any product on a customer’s truck.  So, having these videos online makes it easy for our sales guys to show customers why and how Havis fixtures produce the most useable light,” notes Dennis Meyers, Vice President for Conrad Fire, an authorized Pierce dealership.  
About Havis 

Havis first entered the scene light market in 1982.  Since then, Havis has established a track record of industry firsts including: the low-profile fixture; the 12V H.I.D. fixture; the gear-driven remote pole; and computer mounts specifically designed for fire trucks.  With locations in Warminster, Pa., and Plymouth, Mich., Havis Inc. employs over 200. 

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