Hatfield Township Discusses Fire Funding

As budgets tighten, members of Hatfield Township’s Public Safety Committee and its subsidiary Fire Commission met to discuss funding for the township’s three fire companies.

They discussed the three companies needs, how the township historically has funded each company, and how to handle some of the larger issues — like the question of a new station for the Colmar Fire Company.

Last month the fire commission recommended through Public Safety that the commissioners consider a four point plan that hit on those long term needs in four different respects. They include splitting the township into two main coverage zones to be split between Colmar and Hatfield with the Hilltown company as backup, instead of the current threeway split with Hilltown as a primary company for certain areas.

The Fire Commission plan also recommended that the township contribute toward funding the operational expenses of both companies equally with a 50-50 split between Hatfield and Colmar, but contribute to long term capital needs on a 75 percent to 25 percent basis in light of Hatfield’s larger vehicle fleet and current operation of a full station and substation, as opposed to a single — and rapidly — aging station for Colmar.

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