Harrisonburg (VA) Receives New Fire Apparatus

The Harrisonburg Fire Department has upgraded one of the trucks in its fleet as the new tower truck is replacing an 18-year-old truck.

The new truck will have a 100-foot-tall bucket and conform to new safety standards as both side and rear view cameras will eliminate most blind spots on the big truck.

The truck cost the city almost $1 million, but Deputy Fire Chief Mike Brady said it was time for a replacement.

“The other one’s 18 years old and that’s the biggest reason. Its time to replace fire apparatus at that age. We’ll be able to provide the same services. We’ll have a little more equipment on the newest one, but it’ll provide the same services to the citizens,” said Brady, “Tower One has been a very good piece of equipment for us. Its lasted 18 years and more than 18,000 calls have been run in that plus the daily running in it. Everyone here is pretty excited for it. The guys that are assigned to the ladder truck are looking forward to getting into it. There’s a little bit bigger cab on it so they’ll have a little bit more room.”

For more information, view www.whsv.com


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