Harrison Performance Demonstration Vehicle

HOUSTON, TX—Harrison Hydraulic Solutions, a maker of hydraulic powered generators in the fire service, has introduced its new 2013 Harrison Performance Vehicle. The new truck is designed to showcase Harrison’s exclusive Integrated Hydraulic Technology (IHT) ability to power various components on an emergency service apparatus using the chassis’s power take off (PTO) and a hydraulic power system.

The new truck is based on the Ford F series 4×4 platform using the Ford 6.7-liter Powerstroke™ Diesel and the Ford 6R140 automatic transmission with Live Drive™ PTO. Thousands of Ford F series chassis are used every year by the emergency vehicle service as fire trucks, rescue vehicles, command vehicles, ambulances. With this chassis platform and PTO opportunity, a whole new opportunity is available for emergency service personnel to maximize the vehicle and minimize the costs.

The new Harrison rig is equipped with a Live Drive 4×4 Plus (patent pending) PTO kit to maximize the opportunity for power. It supplies an 80cc hydraulic pump that provides power to a manifold delivery system. Powered by the system are a Harrison MDS 10-kW generator and a Command Light™ 120k lumen LED light tower, a TNT PTO Twin Rescue Tool with two 100-foot reels equipped with a spreader and cutter and a Darley model 1.5 AG water pump that can deliver 100 gpm at 150 psi for pump-and-roll or stationary operation. Simultaneous operation of the generator, light tower, and rescue tools is available on this vehicle. The water pump is capable of delivery in a stationary or NFPA-compliant pump-and-roll mode.

Consolidating the power to a single PTO instead of multiple gas or diesel engines or power hungry electric motors increases the reliability and performance of the system components and reduces costs associated with multiple systems and related down time issues. The Harrison system comes standard with the company’s two-year and/or 2,000-hour warranty. The ability to supply power for rescue tools, water pumps, air compressors, foam systems, aerial devices, and many other components by the Harrison IHT system is now available through fire apparatus manufacturers.

For more information, visit www.hhgiht.com.

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