Harrison Hydra-Gen Releases the Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit

Hydra Ski Short-Bed Brush Kit

Harrison Hydra-Gen, a leader in the development of innovative hydraulic solutions, announces the release of the Hydra-Skid Short -Bed Brush Kit.

The Harrison “HYDRA-SKID” Short-Bed Brush Kit package is developed to work with any of the Ford F-Series chassis, factory ordered with a Ford Live Drive Power Takeoff (PTO) provision and using a Harrison Hydra-Drive. The “HYDRA-SKID” harness the power of the Harrison IHT-HQ system to deliver an incredibly compact package for powering up your 150 gpm water pumps in stationary or in TRUE NFPA “Pump & Roll” conditions.  Simplified operation is achieved and any speed with the flick of a switch.


  • 10 percent shorter wheel base
  • 20 percent shorter box length
  • 20 percent lower chassis cost
  • 25 percent more water capacity

Contact Harrison Hydra-Gen to find out more information! Since 1969, Harrison has been the one name professionals have staked their lives on; and the lives of others.

More: www.harrisonhydragen.com.

Another view of the unit

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