Harrington Park NJ Approves Deal for New Fire Apparatus

Harrington Park (NJ) will purchase a triple combination pumper truck from Pierce Manufacturing to help modernize an aging fleet. The truck, with a 750-gallon water tank, will cost approximately $509,935.

Pierce Manufacturing, which the borough has dealt with before for fire engines, was the lone bidder.

“It’s the going rate for engines now,” Fire Chief Bill Blackinton said. “We met with several different manufacturers. I think [they] may have been the only ones [to] bid on the truck. … We’ve been very happy with our fleet and all our trucks are Pierce.”

The funding for the new truck comes from a $1 million bond ordinance. Borough officials also earmarked money for a new ambulance and road improvements.

The town will most likely auction the 1982 vehicle while the 1989 Pierce will become the second-line pumper.

There were concerns within the fire department that the fleet of vehicles was aging. The 1982 Mack truck has mechanical issues, including valves that do not work effectively and a rusted-through body.

The fleet consists of two engines, a ladder truck and a rescue truck. The second pumper is a 1989 vehicle that would have a longer life with the latest purchase.

For more information, view www.northjersey.com

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