Harlingen Airport (TX) Rolls Out High-Tech Fire Apparatus

After receiving another perfect safety score from the Federal Aviation Administration, Valley International Airport has rolled out its newest fire truck that offers the latest advancements in fire safety technology.

The truck, called the Global Striker 4×4, is manufactured by Oshkosh Airport Products. The one at VIA is the first one to come off the assembly line, said David Lompra, captain of VIA’s aircraft rescue firefighters.

It is also the first truck to have a high reach extendable turret with a skin-penetrating nozzle that acts as a mechanical arm for firefighters.

In the past, rescue teams approached perilous situations on foot, standing on ladders against aircraft, inches from the flames. The Striker changes that.

The Striker can penetrate an aircraft with the nozzle, discharge water at 750 gallons per minute, drop the internal temperature by 1,700 degrees under one minute, and all with the push of a few buttons.

This time- and life-saving technology comes with a price, approximately $810,000, according to Bryan Wren, the assistant director of aviation at VIA.

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