Hannay Reels FF Series Standard Booster Reels

The Hannay FF Series of standard booster reels is designed to handle 1¼” or 1½” booster hoses or 1½” or 1¾” collapsible hose. The booster hose reel is steel painted graphite with aluminum, but stainless steel construction is also available.

A gear-driven crank rewind and pinion brake come standard with options for a chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric, hydraulic, or compressed air motor. Rollers and roller mounting brackets are accessory items that can be added upon request. The Series can handle pressures up to 600 psi. Hannay makes a Super Booster® reel as an available option, which weighs up to 30 percent less than the standard booster reel because of its aluminum construction.

For additional information, visit www.hannay.com.

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