Handmade Fire Apparatus Returns to Baltimore MD

Engine 13, a copy of a firetruck that was once on the streets of Baltimore (MD), is 80-years-old and has finally returned home.

The truck is five feet long and completely handmade by firefighters working for then chief August Emrich.

“Oh, this is spectacular.  It’s so nice to have it back in Baltimore,” said Chief James Clack, Baltimore Fire Department.

In the early 1930s, a group of Baltimore firemen built it, then donated it to charity.

A refuse removal company played middleman in bringing the truck back to Baltimore.  The company was cleaning out the basement of a Baltimorean now in South Carolina who was downsizing.

For some time, the little truck will be outside the chief’s office and then it will be transferred to the city’s fire museum.

For more information, view baltimore.cbslocal.com

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