Handheld Device Identifies Suspect Bottle Contents

Ahura Corporation, manufacturer of the FirstDefender handheld chemical identification system, has been working with federal agencies as well as state and local hazmat teams to provide a method to instantaneously identify chemicals and explosives.

Ahura technology has the ability to “look” through bottles and plastic bags without the operator needing to open them, according to Ahura. Due to the sensitive nature of the customer community, the company has been keeping a low profile. However, based on global events, the company recognized the need for rapid deployment of its technology to federal security agencies, as well as to law enforcement, firefighters, hazmat and the military.

“State and local governments, small regional airports and municipal transportation authorities are among the many other organizations that can improve public safety through the use of our products,” says Doug Kahn, Ahura Corporation chairman and CEO.

The FirstDefender was developed in collaboration with the military and first responder community and is designed for use by soldiers, firefighters, law enforcement and homeland security personnel.

It is being quickly deployed to teams across numerous federal agencies including the Army, Customs and Immigration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Hazmat teams across the country ranging from New York, Washington, D.C., Orlando and Seattle are actively using the product, along with law enforcement agencies from the New Jersey State Police to the Los Angeles Police Department.  Dozens of other cities, counties and state agencies rely on FirstDefender’s accuracy and usability, according to the maker.

For information call 978-642-1132 or go to www.ahuracorp.com.

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