Hamlet (NC) Gets New Fire Apparatus

A new tanker truck will soon replace the 40-year-old model currently in use at Hamlet Fire and Rescue.

City Council members approved the new truck when they passed Hamlet’s 2014-15 budget on June 10. Lt. Trey Goodwin of the fire department said the tanker is a 1972 model.

“We’re replacing the tanker due to some mechanical issues,” Goodwin said. “It’s been reliable, but the older it gets, the harder it is to find parts for it.”

Goodwin said tankers hold more water than fire engines. While tankers are useful in the city, they are more often used to get to places outside city limits where hooking up to fire hydrants is not always possible. The tanker can carry 2,000 gallons of water.

“Ladder trucks are usually for buildings inside the city, commercial buildings,” Goodwin said. “There’s plenty of hydrants in the city limits, so there’s not normally a reason to have to haul that much water. But out in the county, the tanker is better. There are fire hydrants out there, but not as many as there are in the city. So, therefore, the more water you’ve got, the better off you are.”

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