Hamilton (Ontario) Fire Apparatus Involved in Accident

A fire truck collided with a car while responding to a burn complaint in Stoney Creek Wednesday.

A woman was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries following the crash in the intersection of Highway 8 and Glover Road, just after 11 a.m., police said.

Two fire trucks were responding to the complaint when one of them became involved in the collision, fire spokesperson Claudio Mostacci said.

Gary Bernard, a technician working at Precise Car Service on the northwest corner of Highway 8 and Glover Road, said he stepped outside of the shop shortly after the crash.

The car involved appeared to be travelling east on Highway 8, while the fire truck appeared to be heading south on Glover Road, he said. While the fire truck sustained minor damage to the front bumper, the black Toyota Corolla sustained significant damage to the entire length of the driver’s side of the vehicle, Bernard said.

Bernard said emergency crews extracted the woman from the car, which had ended up in a ditch on the east side of the intersection.

The intersection is a four-way stop, with traffic lights, in a transitioning rural area of Stoney Creek.

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