Hale’s MBP Silent Series High Volume Fire Pump

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Hale’s MBP Silent Series pumps are ideal for tankers and smaller apparatus, delivering 750 to 1,000 gpm in a compact package. (Hale Photo)

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. – Hale Products has introduced the MBP Silent Series high volume attack single-stage pump. The MBP Silent Series is a revolutionary advance in PTO driven pumps, says the maker.

The MBP Silent Series is smaller than other 750 to 1,000 GPM pumps making it easier to mount on a truck chassis. The compact size and high flow ratings make it ideal for tankers and smaller apparatus. The innovative MBP features the new Silent Series gear box system for improved quiet operation.

Hale’s new pump is ideal for supply lines, preconnects, and booster lines on rural interface apparatus, first-out units and tankers/tenders. Hale’s MBP has a variety of performance ratings and ratios to meet most common applications and has been especially designed for the Allison 10-bolt pto drive systems.

“Improved Silent Series gear box design united with the carefully engineered MBP pump results in a high volume single stage pump with unsurpassed performance,” said Gary Ewers, president of the Hale Class 1 Fire Suppression Group.

Hale and Class 1 are part of the Fire Suppression Equipment Group of Hale Products, Inc., a leading provider of emergency services equipment in applications such as rescue and firefighting.

Hale Products, Inc. is a unit of IDEX Corporation, a manufacturer of proprietary fluid handling and industrial products.

For information call 800-220-4823 or go to www.haleproducts.com.

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