Hale SmartCAFS Compressed Air Foam System

OCALA, FL—Hale Products, Inc. has unveiled a simple, safe, and easy-to-use compressed air foam system (CAFS)—Hale SmartCAFS. The new SmartCAFS features preprogrammed pushbutton operation enabling the flow of foam with a push of a single button. This product also features advanced safety interlocks and is now available on five different pumps, from the best-selling QMAX to the world’s smallest integrated rear-mount Prima.
Product features of Hale SmartCAFS include:

  • SPS CAFS Control – Simplified user operation, including pre-programmed position, discrete performance adjustment, and compressor on/off.
  • Warning Indicators – At-a-glance diagnostics, including three warnings that monitor compressor-over-speed, RPMs, and operating temperature.
  • Operation Lights – At-a-glance positive verification of air being injected into the system for maximum efficiency.
  • Safety Interlocks – Prevents dangerous conditions of air only or air and waterless foam from occurring.
  • CAFS Mixing – Balancing valve automatically tracks air to water pressure between 50 PSI and 150 PSI, while stainless manifold with patented Hale X-mixers create uniform bubble structure before the hose.
  • Integration – Fully integrated unit that has the same connections on five different pumps – Qmax, Qmax-XS, Qtwo, DSD, and Prima.
  • 200 CFM Compressor – Operates up to three 1¾-inch hose lines in “wet” mode; heat exchanger keeps compressor from overheating; and belt drive uses a herringbone-type drive belt for superior reliability.
  • FoamLogix System – 5.0 GPM foam system for use with Class A and B foams.

For more information, visit www.haleproducts.com.

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