Hale Names New Safe Firefighter of the Month Winner

Captain David Howell of the Horry County (SC) Fire Department

The most recent recipient of Hale’s Safe Firefighter of the Month Award is Captain David Howell of the Horry County (SC) Fire Department, where he has faithfully served his community for the past ten years.

As the August winner of Hale’s Safe Firefighter of the Month Award, Captain Howell has been recognized for the safety initiatives he has worked to establish at his station. He has incorporated daily fitness routines for his firefighters, which include emergency situation simulations and job-related skill repetition, such as pulling rope and climbing stairs. Captain Howell has also implemented CrossFit training, an exercise program designed specifically for fire and military personnel.

“I went to school at the University of Akron for exercise physiology, and I know the importance of staying in shape,” said Captain Howell, who was very grateful for his recent award. “I try to stress safety and fitness training for everyone in the department. It pays off if you can get everyone to put in the time.”

Captain Howell also takes time off the clock to compete in the World Firefighter Combat Challenge. He is responsible for training his team, which placed fifth in the world in 2010. The team has been state champion every year since 2007.

“Always stay with your team and remember your training,” said Captain Howell. “Maintaining your discipline and keeping your composure is the best way to prevent accidents and keep firefighters safe.”

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