Hale/Class 1 to Introduce Four New Products at FDIC International 2016


By Chris Mc Loone

Although Hale and Class 1 will be introducing four new products this year, Idex, Hale’s parent company, also has big news at FDIC International 2016. “The show typically focuses on new products that have been recently released or will be released in the near future,” says John Dinning, director of marketing, IDEX Fire Suppression Group. “While that is true for this year, the big news for our group of companies is the addition of Akron Brass and Weldon to the Idex Fire Suppression Group of companies. Their inclusionFDIC , along with the industry-leading brands of Hale, Class1 Electronics, and Godiva makes an impressive arsenal of firefighting products and underscores our commitment to be the global leader in fire suppression solutions.”

The products Hale and Class 1 will introduce this year are:

  • SmartFOAM with Ultraview Controller: The Class 1 SmartFOAM system uses Hale’s UltraView controller with a full-color, wide-angle display, viewable in all lighting conditions—even direct sunlight. The touch screen display is user-friendly with icons for easy understanding, plain text warnings, and on-screen tutorials for calibration.
  • Dual Control Panels for our portable pump product line: The dual control panels allow engine and throttle of the Hale portable pumps to be controlled from the pump or the cab.
  • KP Series of Pumps. This product line features a multipressure option, low cost of ownership, and is easily installed and maintained in the smallest and lightest offering on the market.
  • Electronic Shift Controls: The module integrates Class 1 electronics to Hale’s G gearbox, ensuring shifts between road and pump modes can only occur when the apparatus is placed in neutral. This module can also be added to in-service apparatus as part of an upgrade to NFPA 1901, Standard for Automotive Apparatus (2016 ed.).2016 edition.

According to Dinning, FDIC International is the greatest opportunity for Hale to interact with its entire customer base. “The show brings together the apparatus builders, brush truck manufacturers, apparatus dealers, and the end users of our products, he says. “Additionally, it is an opportunity to learn about industry trends through conversations with our key business partners and industry influencers.”

For attendees, Dinning compares FDIC International as a kid going to the toy store. “Almost every supplier to the industry introduces their latest and greatest products at the show,” he says. “A fire department that is considering any significant purchase can conduct research on the show floor. Furthermore, there are numerous educational sessions available that would enable a firefighter to become better and take these newly learned practices back to their department.”

Besides FDIC International offering the IDEX Fire Suppression Group the greatest opportunity to interact with its customer base, Dinning says that the show is an exciting time for the company. “The efforts we have put forth over the past 12 months are put on display over the three days of FDIC,” he says. “It is a rewarding experience that allows us to harvest new relationships with customers and become partners in their quest for a better solution to their current needs. In many ways, the show is the highlight to our year.”

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