Haddam Volunteer Fire Co. (CT) Getting New Fire Apparatus

Committee members conducted an on-site inspection of the new tanker in its final stages of assembly at U.S. Tanker in Delavan (WI). The new tanker will replace Haddam’s current 2-13, a GMC General/Ranger commissioned in 1987 which is being sold to offset the cost of the new one. A delivery date is not set, but the new rig is expected to go into service sometime in February once eligible drivers are trained.

Some of the specs: 2,700-gallon elliptical tank; 1,000-gallon-per-minute Hale pump; Kenworth T800 cab and chassis; 500-horsepower Cummins ISX engine; Allison 6-speed transmission.

The biggest difference is an increase in water-carrying capacity from 2,500 to 2,700 gallons in an elliptical tank.

In addition, the new tanker boasts updated equipment like a hydraulic drop tank holder and aluminum drop tank that allow water supply to be set up more efficiently and with fewer people. Capt. Zachary Tiezzi explained that the current tanker’s drop tank has a manually-operated rack and constructed of heavy steel that weighs more than 250 pounds. The drop tank itself weighs upwards of 200 pounds.

“The hydraulics on the new tanker will make bringing the rack down effortless and the new aluminum drop tank weighs only about 70 pounds,” Tiezzi said. “It will pretty much allow one person to set it up versus three people.”

Quick water-dumping capability is critical in rural areas like Haddam that are not primarily served by a municipal, hydrant-based water supply.

The new 2-13 is a road warrior that boasts a high center of gravity and strong, stable frame. The narrow and dramatically sloped hood of the T800 presents a considerable sight advantage over the old tanker. The new rig has outstanding visibility in front of the truck and over the right hand side, views that challenge drivers of most conventional trucks.

As with the old tanker, the new one will carry hard suction hoses for drafting water and carry the same drafting equipment and tools, and two lengths of 1-3/4″ hose and one 2-1/2″ hose pre-connected for easy deployment.

The new tanker also has safety features like an electric dump chute. A driver no longer has to exit the tanker to dump water on busy roadways. In addition, rear video camera and more scene lighting equipment help prevent backing up accidents.

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