Hangar 14 Solutions Set to Debut New Information Product for the Fire Service

Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC, a new software company in the fire and emergency services response information market, is in the final stages of developing its flagship product, known as StreetWise CADlink, and expects to begin pre-delivery marketing in August with an exhibit at the Fire Rescue International Conference in Atlanta. Phil Kouwe, CEO of Hangar 14 Solutions is a 34-year veteran of the fire service and has spent the last ten years as an active fire service consultant. He has assembled an advisory board consisting of seven well-respected fire service command officers to assist in developing and testing what he calls a “new age” of fire service response information handling.

“We took every complaint we’ve heard over the last ten years about field response information networks and started from scratch”, says Kouwe. “There is absolutely no reason that my grandmother should be able to get more information about a local business on her cell phone than my firefighters can get in their fire truck.” Hangar 14 plans to deliver response information, such as addressing, mapping, routing navigation, AVL, and preincident plan data from cloud-based servers. The software will run on common tablet computers using built-in cellular broadband networks. Encryption will keep the information flow private.

“We’re planning to turn the response data software field on its head”, Kouwe added. “We’re going to eliminate the middlemen, such as the CAD vendor, the local IT support person, the expensive hardware vendors. It’s time the fire service take full advantage of the cheap, but highly-advanced technology that our kids are using to keep track of each other and the places they want to visit.”

The company has established an early Web presence, as well as social network connections on both Facebook and Twitter. Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC takes its name from the airplane hangar inMooresville, North Carolina, where their current offices are located. For more information, visit www.streetwisecadlink.com.

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